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Hello, here’s my story.

In 2010, I embarked upon my path to become a massage therapist and I set out to learn and about the WHOLE BODY. My doctor had misdiagnosed my bi-lateral numbness as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome but it was my massage therapist who CORRECTLY identified my symptoms as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I have regained full mobility and am without pain. It was life-changing to say the least. As a result, I became a licensed massage therapist and have had my own practice for over 13 years now. I am new to Sheboygan but continue to work with clients from all over. 


I am one of nine people in the US who are qualified in the Marnitz techniques and continue to my education classes to learn different modalities and to be inspired by all the possibilities the mind/body connection offers.



What I love most about being a massage therapist is ability to help people find their way to whole-body wellness. I enjoy integrating a variety massage modalities based on an individual’s needs, assisting people in making changes and taking charge of their health. Through increased body awareness and movement, reduction of stress and pain, improvement of the immune system, etc. I witness the positive affects my clients experience as we work together. And, that’s why I love my work.



I am a creative soul and have always been an artist. While I am best known for my skill and knowledge in the ancient art of iconography you can find my work at Ink drop gallery. I regularly teach workshops and give presentations on the subject in Cedarburg, Milwaukee and Chicago. With a deep passion for art, community, and organization I volunteer my extra time and talents where I can. By nature am both analytical and artistic. So, finding creative solutions to all kinds of problems is in my DNA.

If you’re looking to make your wellness a priority, I‘d like to help.

Just reach out or book your appointment today!


Listen to your inner goddess (or Zeus) and unleash the wellness warrior within!

Want to know more?

Additional modalities I continue to explore and practice include:

Aromatherapy, Cancer & Mastectomy Therapy, Congestive Lymphedema Therapy, Cranio Sacral, Home and Hospital Massage Therapy Sessions, Kinesio Taping (K-Taping), Lymphatic Medi Cupping, Neuromuscular/Trigger Point, Raindrop Therapy, and Swedish Massage.

Call or send me an email and I will be happy to discuss a plan that's designed just for you.

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